When considering the question of whether technology has made the world a better place to live or not, I believe the answer is yes.   Some may argue that technology has made some by-products which are detrimental for our environment; however, I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because it diversifies the ways of gaining knowledge, it creates a much easier way for people to meet and to communicate with each other, and it enables us to explore new energy and not to use up natural resources.  

 To begin with, acquiring knowledge will never be the same as a decade ago.   People can simply stay at home and search for information or attend courses from all over the world without stepping out of their homes.  Take Taiwan, my home country, as an example.   Ten years ago, going to school was the only way to get a degree; nevertheless, people nowadays can obtain degrees through the Internet.  This has become a trend.   More and more schools are offering Internet courses for students who have to work and study at the same time. 

In addition, thanks to technology, besides staying at home and not going anywhere, we can also travel to wherever we want in a comparably short period of time than our grandparents did.  When I was a child, it took us six hours to travel from Taipei, in northern Taiwan, to Tainan, in southern Taiwan, by highway buses, but traveling by Taiwan High Speed Rail today, it takes only forty-five minutes.    

Furthermore, technology makes it possible to use new forms of energy and conserve our resources.  For instance, due to a lack of natural resources, Taiwan has imported tons of raw materials, such as oil and coal, from overseas for thermal power plants, but this has always been a problem for the environment as power plants emit a lot of carbon dioxide.  However, with the help of advanced technology, the government has built windmills all along the west coast and takes advantage of strong wind to generate electricity without polluting the environment.  Solar panels have also been constructed in southern Taiwan as a substitute for power sources.  

To sum up, based on points stated above, technology has changed our lives dramatically.  No matter what we want to learn, who we want to contact, or where we want to go, technology has made everything a breeze.  Especially when we are talking about the global warming issue, we cannot deal with it without the presence of technology.  Although environmentalists contend that technology has unbalanced many things in the world, it is also undeniable that technology has also made a great improvement to the benefit of all human beings.



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  • 買尬....
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  • 阿娘喂~~要看完這篇~又要懂這篇~~我真的花不少時間~~看來~我遜掉了~~
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  • ariesmichael
  • Yes, I has made the world a better place to live

    Just like our world today, everything becomes eaier because of technologies.
    We connect each other by telephone. We get information via television, radio, or the Internet. We travel around the world by varied transportations. Those are the evidence for the claim, aren't they.
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  • what the fu** is this sh**
    i don't even understand this chinese bull yo guys yappin bout'